femi health

Femi Health provides the most advanced telemedicine solution in Israel and one of the most advanced telemedicine solutions in the world

.This solution makes it possible to provide thousands of medical consultations every year.
The solution is based on state-of-the-art technology, which is employed by leading medical administrators and hundreds of physicians that have undergone specialized training.

These services are provided by the best doctors and specialists.
The solution, which has benefited hundreds of thousands of Israelis a year, is subject to stringent regulation and quality standards that govern data security and medical records.

Thanks to our the high level of professionalism and advanced technologies, we are proud to serve the Israeli health system, health maintenance organizations, insurance companies, government ministries, and more.
Femi Health’s Telemedicine System was chosen by the Ministry of Health to serve as the telemedicine system of Israel’s public health institutions.

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