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Femi Premium’s Legal and Control Department handles the reimbursements of insurance policyholders.

Subject to the service letter purchased by the policyholder, policyholders are entitled to reimbursement for various expenses subject to the submission of a Claim Form, added by original receipts.

To download a Claim Form – Click Here


Policyholders: Please note that our Listed Vendors offer you a more efficient and cost-effective solution!
Customers who use Femi Health’s Listed Vendors are only required to pay the policy’s deductible.

This process saves time and money until the policyholder is reimbursed.

Femi Premium is the largest services company in Israel and is party to agreements with a large number of service providers that consists of approximately 4,000 vendors all over Israel.
More information on the list of service providers can be found in the Search Service Providercategory on this website.

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