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Recruitment Team

The purpose of our recruitment process is to identify those that are most suitable for our company’s positions. The Recruitment Team looks for the candidates that exhibit the daring and willingness to join our company and to contribute to its success through the positions for which they are candidates. All of our managers work together with the Recruitment Department and are fully involved in the recruitment, reception and training process of new employee.

We are looking for knowledgeable, professional and motivated people, and if you have the daring and the will, we would be delighted to know you!

Tips for successful job interviews

Employee training

Femi Premium operates a professional training center designed to ensure the professional training needed for each of the company’s operations – service representatives, headquarters and administrative personnel, control and oversight positions and support for managers and representatives in their daily work.

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We at Femi Premium believe that a pleasant work environment and investing in our employees allow them to enjoy their work and love the organization, and in fact makes them better and more motivated employees who aspire to grow and develop with the company.

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Career at Femi

  • School of Administrative Training

Femi makes sure to promote employees to administrative positions and to prepare them for future challenges. Since its establishment, the company takes care to identify and nurture the skills and talents of its employees and managers. For this purpose, it founded the company’s School of Administrative Training. The School provides administrative skills to members of every managerial rank. The duration of this training program is approximately six months.

  • The Company nurtures its employees and offers a variety of courses on different computer skills.
  • Project Management Organization (PMO) courses

The company manages a wide variety of projects within the public sector. Therefore, it takes care to confer project management skills on its administrators so that they will be able to meet the company’s future challenges.

  • Reservist Shield (Magen Milu’im)

Femi Premium cherishes and encourages its reservist employees.

The Company received the Reservist Shield Award thanks to its many activities in this area.

The Company’s activities in this area include bonuses to reservist employees.



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Organizational Culture

Femi Premium’s organizational culture is based on the ongoing endeavor to achieve the full satisfaction of its customers and employees.
The incorporation of our organizational culture is a key element of our success.
The company’s most cherished values are humanism, creativity, simplicity, and excellence. Every action taken at the company is measured in view of these values and their implementation in practice, both when providing assistance to customers and in meeting the needs of employees.

In order to provide the best service possible to our customers, we invest a great deal of thought and resources in developing the company’s human resource. We promote a culture of learning, professionalism, personal development, improvement, patience and mutual attentiveness. All of the above are supported by constant measurement, control and improvement processes.

Femi Premium and Femi Health’s recruitment processes allow us to choose the best and most suitable employees and managers, and we consider each and every one of them to be a highly dedicated player.

We believe that having the best people under our employ means being able to achieve any objective we choose for ourselves. 

Working for our Community

We believe that we all have the responsibility to create a positive change in Israeli society.
For this purpose, we have invested time and money over many years in providing assistance and support to institutions and associations that dedicate themselves to improving the lives of those who have been less fortunate.
Twice a year, we engage in a variety of volunteer activities, such as renovations, food packing and food deliveries for families in need, “adopting” classrooms and so on. This activity contributes to each and every employee of the company and reminds us all of the true purpose of our lives and of the joy of giving.

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Accessibility Statement

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