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  • Telemedicine services

    Femi Health's Telemedicine System was chosen by the Ministry of Health to serve as the telemedicine system of Israel's public health institutions.
    Femi Health provides the most advanced telemedicine solution in Israel and one of the most advanced telemedicine solutions in the world. This solution makes it possible to provide thousands of medical consultations every year.

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  • Online doctor
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    The Online Doctor Service is a unique and innovative service in the healthcare industry. The service allows insured customers to receive medical consultation and guidance via video calls provided by specialists, general practitioners and pediatricians, who make use of online and digital tools,

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  • Student Health

    Femi Premium operates the Student Health Service in the Tel Aviv and Central District for the Israeli Ministry of Health.
    The Student Health Service is designed to continue the preventative treatment provided at Tipat Halav Stations.

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